Redensa – The next generation of iOS Jailbreaking

Just using simple commands to jailbreak and install 3rd party apps, tweaks, and themes. Change iOS default settings, open apps, and websites.

Redensa even allows you to jailbreak 3rd party tools such as ChatGPT with just one command.

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What exactly is Redensa?

Redensa is the world’s 1st iTerminal-based Jailbreak solution for the latest iOS version., Two separate apps (Redensa and iTerminal)  will be installed at the same time with Redensa installation

How it works?

💠 Assume you need to install a Jailbreak app using Redensa. Just open the Redensa app, and you can find the Jailbreak app install command, which is 'install.'

💠 Then select the app code of the app you want to install on your device.
💠 Next, open iTerminal, enter the 'install' command, and then enter the app code.
💠 That’s it! Now you can install the app you need.
As the Same you can do so many magics with Redensa.

How to install Redensa

Due to Apple’s restrictions, Redensa is not available in the default Apple App Store. However, you can install it using 3rd party app stores such as Pangu8, Xookz or zJailbreak.

💠 Choose and click any of the App stores listed above from your iPhone or iPad to download Redensa

💠 Then, the app store will be downloaded, and you can locate it within your device settings.

💠 Access your device's Settings, go to Profile Download, and Enter your device passcode.
💠 After completion, return to the Home screen of your iDevice, where you will find the installed app store. 💠 Launch the Pangu8, Xookz or zJailbreak app store located on your Home screen. 💠Next, go to Jailbreak solution → select redensa → Allow → confirm with OK, proceed with the installation by tapping Install. 💠The redensa will download now. 💠Once more, go to your device settings → select the profile → install → enter your device passcode, proceed with the installation, and finally, confirm with Done. 💠Both the redensa app and iTerminal will be installed on your device home screen
Redensa App Installer Compatible iOS Versions

iPadOS 17.5.1

Redensa App Installer Compatible device models

⦿ As the Jailbreak app installer

You can install Jailbreak apps & tweaks using redensa, Installing Jailbreak apps for iOS 17 and higher versions are challenging

Redensa allows you to install Jailbreak apps and tweaks to latest iOS versions

Learn more about

iOS 17 – 17.4 Jailbreak

iOS 17.5 / iOS 17.5.1 Jailbreak

⦿ As the 3rd party IPA installer

Redensa allows you to install IPAs using the same “Install” command for the latest iOS versions (iOS 17 – iOS 17.4.1 & newly released iOS 17.5.1). 

As Apple does not permit the installation of certain 3rd party apps from their default app store, Redensa enables you to install these apps as IPAs.

⦿ As ChatGPT Jailbreak tool

Redensa just released ChatGPT jailbreak tool free for the first time.

Redensa has created this tool with amazing features that allow users to customize the default answers of ChatGPT

⦿ As Theme installer

Customizing your iOS experience is now possible as you have the ability to replace the default application icons with your own custom ones.

Installing third-party themes from sources other than the default app store is not allowed by Apple. But redensa allows you to install collection of themes.

⦿ As Default iOS setting changer

With Redensa, you can change how your iPhone setting looks and works to better suit what you like.

⦿ As App Opener using command

Redensa allows you to command your iPhone or iPad by typing app code into iTerminal. It’s like telling your device what to do from your iPhone or iPad, making it open its default apps.

⦿ As a iOS 17 + jailbreak tool

Redensa is a tool that helps you install 17+ Jailbreak apps Such as virtual JB tools, repo extractors, Cydia2 and many more. It helps you to feel jailbreak by installing 3rd party jailbreak alternative solutions on your iDevice

Virtual JB tools – Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak, Checkra1n Virtual Jailbreak, Xina Virtual Jailbreak

Repo Extractors – Sileem, Dopeem