How to install Checkrain Mirror

Step 01: Tap the Checkra1n Mirror button below

Step 02: It will download through Xookz App Store in your device settings.

Step 03: Go to your device settings, then to “Profile Download.” Enter your device passcode.

Step 04: Wait a moment for the installation to finish.

Step 05: Look for the Xookz App Store icon on your home screen.

Step 06: Open Xookz App Store. Tap on “Checkra1n Mirror Jailbreak.” Install it, allow permissions, then close the app.

Step 07: The Checkra1n Mirror profile will download to your device settings.

Step 08: Go to device settings, then “Profile Download,” and enter your passcode.

Step 09: It will download Checkra1n Mirror app and Code Gen app.

Step 10: Open Checkra1n Mirror app. Click on the “GO” button.

Step 11: Open CodeGen app. Click “GET THE APP CODE” and hold to copy the code.

Step 12: Go back to Checkra1n Mirror app. Paste the copied code, then continue and run the exploit.

Step 13: Install Cydia Client, allow permissions, close the profile window. Go to Settings, then install, enter device passcode, install again, and tap “Done.”

Step 14: Now, you’ll find the Cydia app available on your iOS 17.4 device.