How to install Palerain Virtual Jailbreak

Step 01: Tap the button below to install process. You’ll need to Xookz app store first, which is super easy.

Step 02: After installing Xookz app store, open it on your iPhone or iPad. From the jailbreak category, download Palera1n Virtual Terminal Jailbreak.

Step 03: Once the installation is complete, you’ll find both the terminal and Palera1n IPSW File on your device’s home screen.

Step 04: Open the terminal and wait for your device to be detected.

Step 05: Copy the IPSW key from the IPSW file on your home screen.

Step 06: Paste the key into the terminal and you’re done! You’ll see a “Key Matched!” pop-up, and the jailbreak process will continue. Just wait for it to finish. You’ll then see a Palera1n download button.

Step 07: Proceed with the installation process. Instead of the terminal, you’ll now see the Palera1n loader app on your home screen.

Step 08: Open the Palera1n loader and tap the Install button.

Step 09: Once Sileo is installed, you’ll find it on your device’s home screen. Now you can enjoy installing tweaks through Sileo.